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Who Am I?

A question I have been asking myself for as long as I can remember!

But for now, the quick answer is – my ‘name’ is Lynne Dorning SANDS.

I am a traveller, explorer, adventurer, teacher, student, philosopher, but most of all I am constantly growing and evolving through the shifting sands of an ever-changing life; redefining, reshaping and re-framing the deeper answer to that question.

Life is all about change and how we adapt to that change, be it a physical change in our circumstances or a shift in our mindset, values and belief systems.

For now I am living my dream life, sailing the seven seas onboard our catamaran with my husband and our 2 dogs. More of this in our website

I am so grateful that we are living this lifestyle and I am constantly touched by all the incredible experiences we have had and the beautiful people we have met along the way.

As a former early childhood educator, I have always been fascinated by the development of the human mind and how seemingly insignificant incidents can have such powerful, lasting, habitual effects throughout our lives, until we identify and eradicate their influence on us.

I am a trained counsellor and certified in NLP & Hypnotherapy. With my gypsy lifestyle, I am unable to establish a professional practice at this point in time, however I remain passionate about personal development and I want to reach out through the internet and share my passion.

I know, for myself, that when we are centred and focused we attract what we need to  create the lives we desire and which resonate with who we are at our deepest level, however when we lose that focus and go off track, our lives reflect this.

Let’s work together to be the best we can be!


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