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You CAN Heal Your Life! NOW!!

All your favourite transformational teachers coming together in this one amazing 10 day ONLINE FREE event!

The Hay House World Summit 2013.

After the success of the Tapping World Summit in February, Hay House Publishing, the premier publishing company for personal development books, tools and courses is offering a similar event. This one will have hours of interviews every day for 10 days! Just click the link to get on to the Hay House website to register for the event and check the program.

See you there!! Enjoy x

What is EFT Tapping?

I have had some feedback asking for more clarification on what Tapping actually is.

As I am new to Tapping myself, I hope that my understanding of it resonates with those of you who are more familiar with it than me. I welcome your interpretations.

But for me I see Tapping as a combination of many of the transformational tools that I have worked with over the years.

It brings together positive affirmations (Louise Hay), Law of Attraction (The Secret etc), Neuro-linguistic programming techniques such as re-framing negative, limiting beliefs into more positive useful beliefs,  Brandon Bay’s Journey work (finding areas of pain/ emotion in the body that could be linked to an old memory to heal at the cellular level) and acupressure (meridian therapy).
Whilst tapping on the acupressure points we initially acknowledge our limiting beliefs, physical pains, negative emotions, then release them.
What I love most about it is that it brings together all of these techniques & ties them in with the more scientific approach of using the acupressure points. I like the fact that many of the ‘gurus’ whose work I have studied over the years are staunch advocates of Tapping – many of the masters from The Secret (did you see the movie of The Secret?), also Louise Hay, Wayne Dyer & other experts, plus people from the medical & scientific field.
It is scientifically proven, quick & simple…. AND best of all you can do it by yourself! This is a BIG bonus for me, with my lifestyle, which often prevents me from being able to work with other people, whether professionally or informally.
For example, I I love the Journey work, but it is SO much easier to do with someone walking you through the ‘script’ than to try & follow it on your own.
You can find out more information from The Tapping Solution website here

Tapping World Summit Video Series - Nick Ortner