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You CAN Heal Your Life! NOW!!

All your favourite transformational teachers coming together in this one amazing 10 day ONLINE FREE event!

The Hay House World Summit 2013.

After the success of the Tapping World Summit in February, Hay House Publishing, the premier publishing company for personal development books, tools and courses is offering a similar event. This one will have hours of interviews every day for 10 days! Just click the link to get on to the Hay House website to register for the event and check the program.

See you there!! Enjoy x

2013 World Tapping Summit!


I just attended the online 2013 Tapping Summit* from 4th – 10th February and I LOVED it!!!

Over the years I have studied and practised a variety of transformational techniques for personal and spiritual development, which I will expand on in future posts.

I always feel so inspired when I connect to this stuff, but I often forget to keep it up. Life gets in the way, SO I am making a commitment here and now to follow the Tapping Summit program DAILY for the next month to see what results show up in my life!

By setting up this new website I am holding myself accountable and taking action (scary stuff!!)

I am already experiencing exciting CHANGES in my life as I develop my ‘tapping’ skills.

It has been my goal to create a website connected to my passion for personal growth for quite some time, but I could never quite figure out the direction I wanted to take.

Attending the Tapping Summit has given me that direction. By clearing out a number of blocks to moving forward & creating a deeper spiritual connection within my life, whilst  LIVING THE LIFESTYLE OF MY DREAMS I am ready to share my passion for personal growth and in doing so I hope to inspire you to follow your heart and move towards your dreams and goals.

Live the dream!!!

*Please note that this is an affiliate link. Feel free to do your own research into Tapping and enjoy the results.