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International Women’s Day 2015

As International Women’s Day is coming up this weekend, I decided it was time to get back to this blog and share some of the initiatives for CHANGE that are empowering women around the world.


According to the official website, “annually on 8 March, thousands of events are held throughout the world to inspire women and celebrate achievements.”

Having lived, worked and travelled in many countries throughout the world, I accept and appreciate that there are huge differences in values and opinions on every subject. Whilst we will never all agree on any particular topic, we can raise our awareness by stepping into another person’s shoes, just for a brief moment in time, in an attempt to put aside our own personal values and ideas and accept that everyone, not only has a story, but has a right to tell it and express their opinions and be respected, not judged, beaten nor demonized for doing so.

Allow me to start by sharing this TED talk by Jessica Jackely, the founder of Kiva, an organization that has facilitated more than 150 MILLION dollars in micro loans globally.

She builds a powerful case for why helping women to start their own businesses is a major key to ending poverty in developing nations.

I, personally, agree that entrepreneurship empowers and respects women in a far more effective way than donations and I fully support CHANGE in this direction. I have been following KIVA for some time now and Jessica’s TED talk and her story, particularly her vulnerability towards the end of the talk have increased my respect for her tenfold.

What do you think?

Jessica’s talk appears along with other powerful videos on the Women United for Change website. Women United for Change is a movement led by women from across the network marketing / direct sales profession, strong believers in the power of entrepreneurship and in helping others transform their lives.

By building their own businesses, these women have become empowered (personally, professionally, spiritually and financially) and want to help other women experience the amazing transformation that comes about by having a business (particularly those in the poorest countries in the world).

By investing a small portion of the profits from their businesses into the Women Empowered program, they are making a big difference in the lives of other women (and consequently, for the world at large).

Let me just add that, unfortunately, the organization that Jessica mentions towards the end of her video was shut down, for (in my humble opinion) totally inappropriate reasons…. but that’s another story for another day…..

Sharing the Love!

Dear friends around the world,

We are sharing the LOVE with you all!
We watched the opening event of this FG Xpress Pre-Launch Livestream last night & it was AMAZING!!
If you want inspiration and you want to know WHY we have joined together with this company (apart from the fact that the product has made a massive difference in Eric’s life) & you are looking for a way to truly make a difference in the world, along with a little – or a lot of extra income, I encourage you to watch this live stream event.
Friday 28th March & Saturday 29th March
12:15  pm EST (4.15pm GMT)
Whether you choose this opportunity or at least get fired up to work towards building your own goals and dreams, then I have done my job!
We are looking for socially conscious, dedicated Dream Builders to work with – WE are going to go FAR together as a team!
WE are going to break down GLOBAL barriers to success for people ALL over the world, even in the smallest communities – as Dr. Benjamin Chavis said – technology is changing the world. Many villages in Africa have no electricity, but they ALL have a device (mobile phone!!)- AND it’s true!! We have seen it for ourselves – Masaai on the Serengeti walking with their mobile phones….. 
WHY not USE the POWER OF SOCIAL MEDIA to break down the boundaries to your own success and to contribute to the world around you?
WE can ALL make a huge difference together.
Check out our community partner in this venture, KIVA, an organization I have been following for some time and I am excited that FG have chosen to work together with KIVA to help entrepreneurs worldwide. KIVA has a 98.92% repayment rate to date
Imagine being able to empower whole communities around the world and to help people free themselves not only of their physical pain, but their financial pain!
Okay, now we’re off to watch the 2014 St. Thomas International Yacht Regatta and we’ll be back soon to watch this event via live stream.
WIll you be joining us??
P.S. We finally got around to doing our latest Amarula Sail website update yesterday!!