Honour Diaries – International Women’s Day 2015

Continuing the theme for International Women’s Day, I would just like to share this trailer for the documentary Honor Diaries, which highlights the plight of women who are subject to the practice of ‘honor killing’ in Islam.

These courageous Islamic women from around the world have joined together to share this. They are risking their lives to educate the world.

Over the years I have read many women’s stories of injustices in the name of religion. Most recently I am reading ‘Now they call me Infidel’ by Nonie Darwish, the story of the daughter of a martyr for jihad, who questioned Islam from an early age and ultimately became an American, Christian, conservative Republican and an advocate for Israel!

I would like to clarify that I am not singling out or against any religion and I am always open to listening to all opinions and values. I like to be educated and objective and present every angle so we can all learn about each other and learn to respect that there are different ways to look at things.

Education and tolerance are the keys to moving forward and I remain committed to both.