Sober for October!

My goodness, it has been months since I posted on this blog!

All my good intentions to do more blogging this year….. oh dear, can I make the excuse that I am only human? I got very busy with my new business and the blogging went by the wayside….. Sorry!

Well, I began this year’s blog by talking about Making the Commitment and all the 30 Day Challenges I had completed in 2013.

So I made a decision just the other day that October was to be my ‘Restart my blog’ month! If not actually posting daily, making the commitment to work for at least 1 hour a day on my blog/s.

I also began the year with a sober month, one of the reasons being that it was in January 2004 that my dear Dad passed away just after his 70th birthday, a very sober time for our family in many ways. This January would have been his 80th birthday and it was also 10 years since we lost him.

So my day began with every intention to put time aside to get back to my blog. As usual I got ‘busy’ with Facebook, making comments & and going off at tangents, checking out interesting links, responding to messages and the usual social media whirl that takes up my day! (Note to self: Get a life!!)

Then, to my surprise, a friend who had actually been a very close support to me during the months before and after my father passed away, just happened to have posted about this challenge for October!

Go Sober

I had already decided it was probably about time for another month without the booze, but what better reason to quit than to actually help a cause that is close to my heart. As I said, my Dad passed away 10 years ago from angiosarcoma of the liver, a particularly aggressive form of cancer, which in his case, was caused by Thorotrast, which was administered to him back in the 1950’s.

So what do you think?

Is it worth going sober for October in support of Macmillan Cancer Research UK?
I think so – if you’d like to support me by making a donation, please go to

Thank you :)