Pain free living – how would that be!

Wow life is moving along at a fast pace ever since we took on our new business. We are meeting so many new people and sharing the LOVE! The PowerStrips are making such a difference in people’s lives, not least the people whose pain has been relieved for the first time in years.

chronic pain

Last week we listened to a range of people talking about their experiences with the PowerStrips. To listen to their powerful stories, click on the links below and forward the play button to the place indicated.

One woman (click link and listen from 19:00 minutes to hear Andrea talk about her experience) with a thriving Fitness Centre business was given a Powerstrip when she suffered an injury during a triathlon. Within 3 days she was blown away that the pain had completely subsided. She was not looking for another business with her busy schedule, but she found herself ‘doing the business without doing the business’! She literally shared the Powerstrips with anyone with any kind of pain and is building a healthy residual income alongside her successful Fitness Centre business.

An older Baby Boomer (click link and listen from 12:20 minutes to hear Stan talk about his experience) just heading into retirement started suffering from the most intense chest pain in June 2012. He was given various pills and tests and he found himself unable to get involved in the community football coaching activities that he loved. Worse still, he could no longer play with his grandkids! On Christmas Day 2013, his son handed him a Powerstrip to try. He put it aside at first as he felt like he had tried everything, but after more insistence from his son, he decided to give it a go. After a couple of days he really felt a change, but wondered if it was just his positive thinking, but by December 30th he knew that these things worked. Once again he was able to play with his grandkids, whose comment was “we have our poppa back” :)

Stan has such a powerful story here. You can’t help but be moved by his experience!

Single mums (click link and listen from 11:00 minutes to hear Constance talk about her experience) are building businesses from home whilst enjoying spending quality time with their children.

Chiropractors and other health professionals are delighted to finally be able to offer a 100% NATURAL pain management product to their clients, whilst building a residual income to help them create financial freedom alongside serving their community.

THIS IS SO EXCITING!!! Helping people to live healthier, pain free lives – What a GIFT!


We hope we can be the change that leads to more and more stories like Stan’s, Andrea’s, Constance’s and YOURS :)

Not to mention Eric’s story that I wrote about at the end of our last blog :)

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And I just wanted to give you a quick reminder…

The 2014 Tapping World Summit upgrade opportunity – which is owning the actual audio presentations, along with the workbook, transcripts and bonuses in either digital or hard copy format – ends tomorrow night at midnight, Pacific time…

Tapping works extremely well. I have been practicing it myself on a daily basis now for over 3 months and I cannot begin to tell you how much change I have seen in my life :)

EFT or “Tapping” has been scientifically proven to work in a number of areas.

Tapping is highly supported by some of the world’s leading personal development experts such as Wayne Dyer, Louise Hay, Jack Canfield, Bob Proctor, Gay Hendricks, Arielle Ford, Joe Vitale and so many others.

As well as world leading health experts like Dr. Mark Hyman, Dr. Joseph Mercola, Kris Carr, Dr. Eric Robbins and Dr. Christiane Northrup.

And even world leading therapists, psychologists and psychiatrists like Eric Leskowitz (Ph.D. – Harvard University), Carol Look, David Feinstein Ph.D., and Dr. Patricia Carrington.

The impact it’s having on a global scale is unreal.

Tapping is being used with tremendous results for those most deeply affected by the school shooting in Newtown, CT, with children survivors of the Genocide in Rwanda, with hurricane Yolanda survivors in The Phillippines, and with war veterans suffering with PTSD.

If Tapping is working in these extremely tough situations just imagine the miracles it can create in your life…

So I HIGHLY recommend you visit this page and check out the upgrade options and I THANK YOU and appreciate you for supporting the affiliations that I hold in such high esteem.

Trust me on this one, this is one of those programs that is a must-have for changing your life…….

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