What Changes are in Store for you in 2014?

2013 has come and gone. Did I achieve everything I hoped to?
No, not at all…. however I could beat myself up or I could move on….
It is a choice we all have and I have to admit that, until now, I have generally ‘chosen’ to remain stuck in the past, wallowing in certain pain that I felt justified to feel.

It is almost a year since I set up this website, with a focus on CHANGE!

My aim was to create the changes in my life that I wanted to see and thereby help others to see that change IS possible. I would get a spark of confidence and lots of amazing ideas flying around in my head, but as soon as I sat down to write they flew away and the negativity and self-doubt barged back in!

2013 was a cathartic year for me in many ways. I joined an online support network* to work through a great deal of buried pain surrounding my childlessness. I thought I was ‘over it’ but once I joined this group I realized that, for the most part, I had just pushed it deep, deep down, where I thought it could no longer hurt me. The sharing within the group made me intimately aware of my unrequited grief and just how much power I was giving to the pain I was feeling. I was using it as an excuse NOT to move forward and make the changes in my life, which would serve me better and allow me to accept exactly where I am right now, in this very moment, and appreciate it wholeheartedly.

Without that acceptance and appreciation, it is almost impossible to function in a healthy, positive way. As a consequence I held back from writing blog posts on this website and also shied away from many social networking situations. Thus the self-fulfilling prophecy or, as it is called in ‘The Secret’ amongst other books, the Law of Attraction, was working exactly how it was meant to. Despite reaching out from time to time and baring my soul, I often received no acknowledgement or no response, thus building my case against my self, that I really do have no confidence, I really am NO GOOD, I am not worthy, etc etc etc & blah blah blah! What I ignored were the wonderful responses and connections that I did have. I was so busy focusing on the ones I didn’t have, SO 2014 I am on a mission to CHANGE my whole mindset and focus on the positive and the here and now.

I welcome you to join with me on this path and look forward to meeting & sharing with you.

* For those women, who remain Childless NOT by choice, I am sure you will find incredible love and support within the amazing group of women that Jody Day has brought together from around the world in her Gateway Women community.

Finally, I would like to share the following 2 amazing sources for inspirational products & webinars, which can help you to achieve the changes you are looking for.

Hay House Publications  – the international leader in inspirational and self-help publishing:HH Logo Header - Design

The Tapping Solution: