In the absence of love……

The other day I came across this article and it filled me with joy to learn that some schools are seeing the light!

When will we ever realise that what we are doing as a society is not working? And we must start with the children if we want to make profound and lasting change.

I am back in England at the moment and I see that, once again, the powers that be, are fiddling around making changes to the education system. How about making fundamental changes to the way we view each other and work with each other at the earliest stages?

I wonder when or even if we will ever learn that punishment is already too late and that prevention, combined with compassion after the event, do actually work. This does not condone inappropriate behaviour but teaches children that they do have choices in life. They can choose how they react and respond in certain situations. We ALL can and the younger we start the better. By providing this support and nurturing in schools, particularly if it is absent in the home could well lead to a happier, healthier, more connected world…. hmmm, something to think about?

When I was teaching, many years ago, I had 3 rules in my classroom and everything in life falls into these 3 categories:

1. Respect Yourself

2. Respect Others

3. Respect Property/ the environment

Simple…. this went on my classroom wall, whether I was teaching 3 year olds or 12 year olds and any incident could be dealt with by identifying which rule & how it was being broken.

So much of what we hear in the media is negative and our focus in society is on punishment rather than love and compassion; on cure as opposed to prevention in all forms of healing, be it body, mind or spirit.

In the absence of love….. what do we find?