FREE Online Hay House World Summit 1st – 10th June 2013!

Gosh, I have been so slack about blogging on this website, not to say I haven’t been busy with Tapping, just that we have been sailing back down to Grenada ready for me to fly to UK next week to celebrate my mum’s birthday with her on 1st June.

Our communications have been slow & often non-existent – a bit like the sailing we did from British Virgin Islands to the Grenadines! Add to this that we then lost our dinghy whilst in Bequia in the Grenadines just over a week ago, so we have been in damage-control mode… However I am happy to report that we now have a good, second hand, replacement dinghy & should have a new outboard motor in the next day or so. Luckily we had friends around who helped us get ashore in their dinghies & we were very grateful for our kayaks too!

Meanwhile, I am really excited about the upcoming Hay House World Summit in a couple of weeks time. This is a FREE Online Event like the Tapping World Summit that I attended in February. Personally I find events like this really inspirational and I am excited to be sharing this with you.

I LOVE the work of Louise Hay, Wayne Dyer & so many of the amazing presenters in this program, so I am really looking forward to listening in next month.

This event is free, however it is possible to purchase the audios and transcripts to browse at your leisure any time after the event. Please consider registering via my affiliate link below and browsing the Hay House website for many other inspirational books, courses and events. Thank you so much x