Busy building blogs!

In case you’re wondering why I haven’t popped up with any new posts over the past week, it is because I have been busy, busy revamping our Travel website www.amarulasail.com and I haven’t had time to get to work on this site!

We set up our original website when we launched our catamaran back in 2001 and have been doing regular Captain’s Log updates over the years, however since we left South Africa in December 2011 we have been visiting a lot more countries, so we really needed a blogging platform.

In October last year I set up a wordpress blog, but it has taken me until now to work out how to merge the blog and website. I am pretty impressed with myself, as I have had no help apart from what I could find out online through the tutorials and online chat on Bluehost. Their support has been excellent, so I am confident in recommending Bluehost if you are thinking of setting up a new blog or website. If I can do this by myself out at sea, then you can too!