Clutter, clutter everywhere… Are you feeling overwhelmed?

It’s hard to imagine that one could feel overwhelmed on a boat living an amazing lifestyle of beach walking, yoga, kayaking, snorkelling with stunning reef fish (and scary sharks & barracuda)…. Now let’s face it what on earth could be stressful about that?

So when I did a re-run through the Tapping session on Clutter (Day 7) from the Tapping Summit
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this past week I was interested to learn that the physical clutter in our lives can generally be linked to an emotional event or trauma that happened at some point.

By pinpointing that specific event or, more often the case, a series of events, we can begin to recognise just how and when our clutter problem began! During the Session Lindsay Kenny discusses the 3 levels of clutter and how our clutter often represents our need to feel in control, when in reality we are feeling out of control. Similarly this can be applied to fear or procrastination.

She suggests that we draw a big circle on a piece of paper and write down anything and everything that might have contributed to our clutter problem. It may have been the death  of a loved one, the loss of a job, financial difficulties or even less intense issues, but events which cause you to feel out of control. If we don’t deal with the issues that have caused the problem we will continue to have the problem. How many times have you cleaned up your work space or home only to find it completely cluttered again within a matter of weeks, or even days?

If you can’t pinpoint the issues, just write that statement in the circle ‘Anything and Everything that might have contributed to my clutter problem’ and start Tapping & pay attention to what comes up. There is NO set script, just say whatever comes up and Tap away until it is clear to you. Don’t worry about getting it ‘right’. This does work – just be OPEN to the process and don’t judge it. Allow it and enjoy the results!

Find out more about Lindsay Kenny and her work here.

Also you may find this article by Lindsay Kenny helpful, as it goes into the clutter issue in much greater detail. Enjoy!