EFT Tapping – does it work on pets?

So here I am only a few days into my new website, in which I set out my commitment to TAP & take time each and every day to acknowledge any blocks that are holding me back from living in total appreciation of and love for my life!

So, is the Tapping working?? YES YES YES YES!!!!!

Not only on myself, but it is having an amazing impact on one of our dogs. We have a dog with anxiety/ aggression issues. He has had challenges from being a pup, when he was unable to be properly weaned as his mother had milk fever. I have tried all kinds of techniques with him. I particularly LOVE the work of the wonderful dog whisperer (Cesar Millan) and dog listener (Jan Fennell) and have used some of their strategies. Not to say their techniques didn’t work, more that we haven’t been consistent with them. I mean how do you refuse to smother your dog with affection when you come home to find him there greeting you so enthusiastically, wagging his tale & all that! And it requires everyone in the pack to follow through…. hmmm, not always easy to get everyone to comply!

So, after listening to Day 6 of the Tapping Summit and how to use Tapping with children – fantastic session (even though I am not a mother*, I LOVED this session as I LOVE seeing us all heal the pains, however seemingly insignificant, that we bring forward from our past). I wondered ‘Hmmm, would tapping work on animals?’ I did a bit of googling & sure enough I found sites on it & gave it a try.

So, what did I do…? Well, one behaviour our dog has that is a problem is that when my husband goes off to bed (usually earlier than me) the dog follows him down to the cabin and lays down, then when I go to bed later he growls at me & won’t let me in the cabin!! It’s not exclusive, he does it if I go to bed first too… So, as my husband headed down to the cabin I asked Chui (the dog) to stay. He hesitated, but he did as he was told, as he wasn’t yet in the problem state. I gently sat with him & started tapping on the top of his head, down towards his muzzle and around his eyes. I had no idea if I was doing it ‘right’ – I just thought, heck, why not give this a go….

He was comfortable with the tapping and let me do it, then when I felt he was calm I asked him to come outside and he sat on the mat by the door, whilst I finished washing the dishes. (remember, we live on a boat, so this is all in a relatively small space). Normally Chui would then try to sneak past & go down to the cabin, so my usual strategy when my husband goes to bed earlier than me is to put the dogs out in their beds and close the door. But on this occasion I tried the tapping. I kept glancing out from the galley (kitchen) to see where he was & I was amazed to see him still sitting on the mat, almost as if he was in a trance! Finally when I had finished my chores and was ready to sit down at my computer, I invited him to come and sit by me, which he did. It was WONDERFUL!!

This was a couple of weeks ago now. Since that time, when my husband announces he is off to bed, Chui sometimes stands up and starts to make his way towards the stairs. Mostly I just call him to come back & sit with me, once or twice I have repeated the tapping, but he has never repeated that behaviour again, even when I have gone out of sight to the bathroom or the galley!

I have had some deeply personal results too, which I will not share here right now, but suffice to say, that the positive impact is most certainly showing up in my life.

*Just on a personal note, some of my greatest moments as an early childhood teacher were those when I worked with parents to bring awareness to how what we do and say in life (often the unsaid being more powerful) can have an impact on our children. I did consider training to become a parenting counsellor, but at the time I was having trouble conceiving & I struggled with the throw away comments that I received when I made this announcement (even from close family, who had no idea of the impact of what they were saying) such as ‘How can you teach parenting when you’re not a parent yourself?’ Such is life….

Tapping World Summit Video Series - Nick Ortner

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